• Fades sun spots, age spots and Melasma to reveal a more even tone and texture
  • Tones and tightens to reduce the appearance of large pores
  • Reveals a more vibrant, healthier and glowing complexion and reduces the effects of aging
  • Removes excess dirt, oil and make-up as it reduces pH; enhancing serum and moisturizer penetration for improved results
  • All Skin Types 
  • 100% Natural | Organic | Full Spectrum Technology  
  • Sweet Orange, Tangerine, and Mandarin scent

Refresh, tone and brighten your skin naturally with this Vitamin C toner loaded with Vitamin C enriched herbal extracts of Noni, Amalaki, Rosehips, Orange and Acerola Cherry. Antioxidants brighten skin tone and boost collagen production as astringent herbal extracts tighten and tone to reduce the appearance of large pores and prep your skin before applying serums, moisturizers or foundations. pH balanced for maximum efficiency. A perfect addition to your routine; this toner leaves your skin more vibrant with less pigmentation, smooth, tonified and smelling like fresh oranges.

Vitamin C Toner - RD Alchemy Natural Organic

  • A combination of vitamin C rich herbal extracts and essential oils help reduce the appearance of sun spots, age spot, Melasma patches and large pores, tonify skin, and optimize pH for enhanced absorption of serums and moisturizers. This formula helps to brighten & lighten skin while reducing the effects of aging. 


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