Zap those pesky blemishes with a blend of anti-bacterial, repairing and oil absorbing herbal extracts, essential oils and clay. Herbal extracts of Goldenseal and Pau d' Arco along with oil absorbing clay and anti-microbial essential oils help reduce and dry out active blemishes. White Willow bark and Vitamin B3 help reduce inflammation and redness. Dragon's Blood extract, Allantoin and other healing extracts help repair and heal damaged skin. 

Blemish pen

  • Blemish Pen

    100% Natural 

    • Helps reduce or purge an active blemish for clearer skin quickly.  Especially helpful after acne facials as skin tends to purge more post treatment
    • Soothes inflammation & redness while healing damaged skin 
    • 21 botanical extracts, 3 vitamins and 7 essential oils target acne producing bacteria to clear and heal 
    • 100% Natural | Organic | Full Spectrum Extraction Technology



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